Genocide at Veteran’s Administration Hospitals ?













Is this how our country repays their service to our country to protect our way of life ?

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  1. THANK U STEVE,,, for again making a special report on our Vets!!!!!jmo,,,,for me,,,,,even though we too are being forced to be in treatable agony,,,THE MEN/WOMEN WHO SERVED THIS COUNTRY,,ARE ABOVE ALL OF US!!!!THESE MEN/WOMEN SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO BEG FOR ACCESS TO A TREATABLE CONDITION THAT CAUSE SEVERE PHYSICAL PAIN FROM WAR INJURIES,,,EVER… it wasn’t until recently,,i discovered the V.A. ranks these men/women on percentages,,10 % disability 4 a loss arm,,50 % for loss of legs,,,ARE U F——– KIDDING ME!!!!,,,,,THESE CDC GUIDELINES ARE KILLING THESE MEN/WOMEN…..
    I AM REMINDED OF A DAY IN OUR LOCAL PARKING LOT BY A ACE HARDWARE,,,A YOUNG ADULT/BOY OF 17 after 9-11,,,loading up 50 pounds of corn for me,,,As we walked out to my truck,,he spoke of how proud he was that the army had hit graduation parties,,recruiting men/women directly after graduation,,,His brother was already gone,,,but he had to wait for his 18 birthday…I asked him,,,do u realize,,u are going to see dead bodies,,kill another human,,,,His reply was sad,,,,he said,,well I seen one of our cows die once,,,,,HE HAD NO CLUE,,,WHAT HE HAD JUST SIGNED UP FOR!!!!HE WAS 17,,,,,,,,,BUT BOY,,,,, no clue,,,of what was about to happen to him,,or his bother,,,,,,
    We talk about North korea,,,hell,,,we can’t properly take care of the casualities of the 9-11 war,,,,,,,,why would we get into another one!!!!???MARYW

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