When the pt’s well being is not a healthcare professional’s top concern ?

My name is D. S. I’m 36 years old I have four children and I’m on social security. I’ve had six knee surgeries and I’m currently in a medical malpractice lawsuit with my knee surgeon. My surgeon caused me to have a chronic osteomyelitis in my left knee by leaving behind metal and lying about cultures! This has now caused me grand mal seizures.

The pain I get is intense . If I don’t sleep due to pain I can get a seizure!

I lost my driver license because my temperature gets to high from chronic infection.

I went to drop of my script at Ansr pharmacy in hollister CA. I absolutely love this pharmacy never had any issues. The pharmacy has wonderful people. As I dropped of my script which had my seizure meds, my pain meds they didn’t even look at my script and said we can’t help you!

I was in shock , confused, and literally on a break down of crying.

I’m at the mercy of Walgreens to help me. They stated that the DEA shut them down from dispensing too much narcotics. Today is sat July 15th. Come tomorrow I’m out of my pain meds , my seizure meds which nothing can be filled. There is something that needs to be done and I feel like each month being a Chronic pain patient I feel as though I’m getting treated worse. Do you have any where you would suggest I can file a complaint?

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  1. I have to pay cash for my pain meds, the VA docs are also afraid…which makes no sense because they are not monitored. You must seek out a pain management doctor, who only writes scripts for pain meds. These doctors are few and far apart, and very expensive. There is one in hollister. That said, they are very helpful but also VERY strict. All your medical information, scans, doctors, ect.. is needed. A monthly urinenalis is required as well. You should feel like a criminal if you are taken on as a patient, thanks to the DEA and DOJ. Lastly, there are a lot of different pain meds, sadly the cost of these meds can be over 800 dollars a month…for cash. I am stuck on the cheapest generic oxycodone made and it’s still 200 a month! Ironically, the pill makers are making new pain meds every year, but the cost is outrageous! I discovered that my pills are less than .32 cents each to the manufacture and 180.00 to me. Some new cancer meds thst allow you to live about 90 days longer cost $18,000 a month!! When will it end?? Never. Money rules america, not people.


  3. My suggestion to your problem would be to seek out a small privately owned pharmacy, & see if they will fill your script. They should at least fill your seizure meds. I so feel for you as after 50 years of chronic pain I am losing my pain medicine now too. Not that my pharmacist won’t fill them. It’s my pain doctor that is so scared of the DEA & others he is weaning me off my oxycodone which is the only med that has kept me from being bedridden. So far I have been cut to less than 1/2 of what I was getting, & the pain is so bad I can barley get out of bed each day. My heart goes out to you, but do try the small privately owned pharmacies instead of bigger ones. It sure can’t hurt, & maybe one will fill your script. Just curious if you have insurance that covers your scripts? If you do, call them to see what they suggest you do also.

  4. Remember it’s the politicians that is letting this happen to us.

  5. Sometimes people given power should not have it. They abuse people with it. The people of this country pays their wages no matter how you want to roll that. We do have rights. Nothing will happen with all this until we really have had enough. No prince on a white horse will come help us. Not going to happen. Joining groups supporting each other helps. But only so much of that. We have to act. Call write over and over keep it up never give that up. Our Big One VOTE the BUMS out call them tell them why write them tell them why. Try not to get upset they know you mean it then. That’s what we have so start. So many of us out there in so much chronic pain that awful pain . Lov you stay in there an fight

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