Most popular post of 2013 on my blog

Word Press just sent me a bunch of statics about my blog for 2013.. The most read was Major Whistler Blower case against CVS filed today! Have a Happy New Year !

Obamacare reality

Does anyone out there believe that Obamacare’s transition is going to be painless & transparent ? We all remember the Medicare Part D transition seven years ago. Anyone interested in forwarding Obamacare reality situations (good or bad) .. I will be glad to add it to this post and keep it near the top of […]

Obamacare numbers…

It was reported today that only about 2 million people have signed up under the new law.. the goal was SIX MILLION ! It was also reported that only 5% -15% of those 2 million that have signed up ..have paid the first month’s premium payment as required… so their policy was not activated. So […]

Better hope that Sen. Blumenthal doesn’t take notice that we don’t always have Rxs ready when promised

Senator wants refunds for delayed Christmas shipments It would seem that some politicians will jump on anything to get their name and face in the news.. I’m sorry but, it is not unusual for snow/ice storms to happen this time of year… and people are surprised – and upset – when their flight is cancelled […]

CVS pays abt $750/store fine…. WOW !!!

CVS to Pay $650K in Lawsuit Alleging Pharmacies Failed to Provide Consultations For a company that generates OVER FOUR BILLION PER YEAR IN NET PROFITS… a fine of  650K has to really got to hurt and get their attention ? Since this whole issue revolves around OBRA 1990… it only takes CA.. nearly a […]

Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays

  Hopefully, the vast majority of you will have this day off to enjoy it with family and friends For those of you who don’t.. thank you for being there for those who are or become ill.. or just suffer from forgetfulness and/or procrastination !

Another “feel good” move ? Performance Metrics and Quotas in the Practice of Pharmacy (Resolution 109-7-13) Back at the 109th annual meeting of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.. passed a resolution THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) assist the state boards of pharmacy to regulate, restrict, or prohibit the use […]

Where does your responsibility begin/end ? From the article Jolyn Cullum filed the case after she was injured when a car driven by another Wal-Mart customer backed into her vehicle. The lawsuit alleges that the other shopper, Jan McCool, had been denied service at the Wal-Mart pharmacy because employees believed she was intoxicated. But they did not call police or […]

This deserves more than being just a COMMENT !

This was placed as a comment on my blog post Pain Medication Acquisition Problems Growing, NCPA Survey Finds Chances are .. if you don’t already know someone who is suffering from chronic pain… you eventually will… If the decisions from these BOZOS at the DEA have not impacted you, someone you know, someone you love, […]

Spare no expense !

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requires an employer to provide “reasonable accommodations ” for “handicapped” employees.. The picture  showed up in my inbox and reportedly represents the “reasonable accommodations ” for a RPH that works for a national chain/PBM after KNEE SURGERY ! There is no positive way to measure the height of this […]

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